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100% Discreet Shopping with APlusAdultToys.com

100% Discreet Shopping with APlusAdultToys.com

The idea of sex toys in the bedroom to spice up your love life is enticing for many, but the act of venturing into an adult toy store makes the palms sweaty and gets the heart racing, and not in a good way. Many of the sexually adventurous still prefer to maintain their privacy when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom. Shopping online has become a virtual life saver for those interested in bringing sex toys and other fun goodies into their bedroom escapades.

At APlusAdultToys.com, we strive to protect your privacy with our 100% discretion guarantee to you. Everything from the packaging your toys arrive in to the e-mail address you provide upon ordering are all kept strictly confidential.

Identity and Personal Information Protection

APlusAdultToys.com promises to never sell, trade, loan or share your personal information to any 3rd parties, including your e-mail address. In addition, we use the most cutting edge SSL encryption software to secure your private information during the ordering process. You can rest assured, your identity, personal, and financial information are safe with us.

No More Embarrassing Moments

Our discretion isn't limited to just the financial aspect of things. When it comes to buying sex toys, discretion must take on a whole new level. That is why we have taken the extra steps to protect you from prying eyes, potential embarrassment from nosy neighbors or curious mail carriers, or the uncomfortable phone call from your credit card company asking you to verify your purchase with APlusAdultToys.com.

How embarrassing would that be? That sends the blood rushing straight to your head, and we want that blood flow going elsewhere, right?

APlusAdultToys.com takes the utmost care to ensure that your entire shopping experience with us is a safe, embarrassment free one. Shop in the comfort and privacy of your own home, enjoying the products visually before you enjoy the products personally, and relax knowing that your packaging and billing statement will show no signs that you ordered any sex toys what-so-ever.

Your new sex toys and accessories will arrive in discreet, plain packaging. The label will only read "Universal Passion, LLC.", as will your credit card statement. Universal Passion, LLC. seems fairly benign. Who would know by reading that business name that, concealed inside was a plethora of vibrators, dildos, lubricants, and handcuffs? No one would be the wiser. Your elderly neighbor will never know that you're a closet freak. Why should she? It's none of her business, and we strive to make sure that doesn't happen on our account.

Now, if you decide you want your mail carrier to know what's inside the package he just delivered to your doorstep, that's your business. What you do with the toys once you get them is not our concern, so long as you thoroughly enjoy them.

So, relax, pull up a chair (and your partner, if you like) and enjoy your exciting, sexually enticing, completely private shopping experience as much as you like. We await your order with much anticipation.

To all of you, from all of us at APlusAdultToys.com - Thank you

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