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Enjoy Free Shipping On Every Order Every Day.

Enjoy Free Shipping On Every Order Every Time.
Shipping at a Price You Can Plan On

Everyone loves to shop online. And no matter how affluent the bank account, we all appreciate a good bargain - that's why most of us are in cyberspace instead of our local mall. What we don't enjoy is having to scavenge all corners of the internet for a coupon code or ten percent off voucher, limited time free shipping on orders placed on the second Wednesday of the month.

We especially dislike promises of free shipping - and then the fine print explains that free shipping is only valid after we agree to purchase some strange, useless product we don't want or need in the first place.

Free Is Our Final Offer

When shopping for adult toys, the last thing you want to do is be forced into buying something you don't really want. That's why APlusAdultToys.com isn't interested in tricking you into buying anything but exactly what you're in the market for. We offer FREE SHIPPING on every item, every day, every order, from one dollar to one thousand dollars. No coupon code required. No special sequence of buttons to hit before you get the secret code. No cagey fine print. Just personal service, great products, and free shipping..

You Get What You Pay For? Not In This Case!

We offer free shipping to you, our customers, because we believe in providing the best possible experience we can. Part of that promise is guaranteeing an efficient, secure transaction from when you click the "order" button until your items are delivered to your doorstep. Some companies offer free shipping, then seem to strap your package onto the back of an aged turtle with bad knees. You're lucky to get it in a month.

APlusAdultToys.com works hard to process your order quickly so that we can guarantee your package will arrive to you within 6-8 business days in secure, discreet packaging, because the nature of your purchase is no one's business but yours. We guard your privacy vigilantly and utilize only the best, most reliable couriers. We stake our reputation on every order we ship.

But I Need It Now!

Of course, if you need it RIGHT NOW, you're welcome to take advantage of our Priority Shipping option, available to meet your requirements.

The Personal Touch

Our customer service team is dedicated to providing you with nothing less than the best online shopping experience out there. If you have further questions about our shipping policies that haven't been answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-888-502-6550, or by using our contact form.

To all of you, from all of us at APlusAdultToys.com - Thank you

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